April Fool!

Nights at the Turntable by Reginald Twiddlebrain

Laminate your website!

Adolf Hitler confirmed to have lived in Argentina until 1957

Ride a lion, swing a bear cub and stroke a tiger

Extreme shepherding

Internet reboot today at 11.59 UTC

Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink

Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity

Classics Today - Joyce Hatto plays Hatto

Technology retrieves sounds in the wall

George Bush's conversion to Islam

Cellphone implants

Swinging dead cats in Kazakhstan

Google TiSP - going with the flow

Transparent window security loophole

Introducing Gmail Paper

Überware Trio

Jabez Dolotz talks to British conductor Sir Henry Collard-Barker

Google Romance

Fair Use Day joins the RIAA

Microsoft patents Ones and Zeros

Joe Bloggs Rules or if he doesn't, Ask Alice

Elica Lupus-Popescu journeys to hear the lost pipers of Iasi

Japanese conducting batons

Avril Ngaire Poisson and Europe

Pigeon Rank